Bee Swarms - Pest Control Methods

Pest Control Services MelbourneBees are venomous, sometimes even deadly, especially when they swarm. Bees swarms can be a serious problem during summer. Often honey bees swarm to establish a new hive inside a wall cavity of a residential or commercial building.

A swarm of bees can be extremely aggressive and may attack a person in such large numbers as to cause death. The venom of bees is highly toxic and may cause hideous swelling of the skin, particularly of children and people with a fair complexion. Some people naturally have low resistance to the venom of bees and deaths are reported to occur in Victoria every year as a result.

DO NOT attempt to eradicate a group of swarming bees by yourself, unless you have the complete range of protective equipment and professional knowledge of pest control for bee swarms.

The cost for Professional Pest Control for BeesPest Control Melbourne

The cost for professional pest control of bees will vary, depending on the bee species, the size of property, the extent of infestation and the ease of access to the nesting sites. Please call RIP Termite & Pest Control on 1300 371 708 for a FREE quotation.

Consumer Protection Advice – Pesticide Safety Issues

Be wary of very cheap prices for bee control – check which pesticides are to be used. The far cheaper, less effective, solvent based pesticides can be harmful in premises where occupants may suffer from asthmatic or other bronchial ailments.

Be careful when selecting a pest controller, make sure they have the experience and the knowledge of bees and bee control pesticides.