Timber Borers – Anobium & Lyctus - Pest Control Methods

Timber borers can be real pests – they can attack a range of timbers. Borers can be found in living trees or freshly felled timber and in moist timbers. Some borers may also attack dry seasoned wood, such as timber flooring, structural and decorative timbers, as well as furniture

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Anobium Borers

Anobium Borers are known to do severe damage to baltic pine timber flooring (and furniture) - eventually leading to total collapse and need for replacement of all such flooring timbers – prevention early on is much cheaper than replacement in the long term.

An adult female borer beetle lays her eggs in susceptible timbers The eggs hatch as larvae that feed on the starch content of the timber. The borer larvae will eat along the timber grain creating a network of tunnels. When the larvae is fully grown the adult exits the timber through a hole made in the timber surface. An emerging female adult repeats the life cycle, further intensifying the infestation and timber damage.

The size of exit holes and the texture of dust “frass” emitted enables an experienced pest control timber borer expert to identify the species of timber borer and their potential to cause to susceptible timber damage.

Anobium borer (also called Furniture Beetles or Anobium punctatum) often cause severe damage to baltic pine flooring timbers, especially in older houses with damp flooring timbers and poor ventilation. Also furniture is susceptible to Anobium borer damage infestation.

Pest Control: Anobium borers in Baltic Flooring

In severe cases of borer infestation the removal and replacement of all damaged and infested timber with highly resistant or chemically treated timbers or particle board may be necessary. In addition, you may need improvements in ventilation and moisture control in subfloor areas.

In moderate borer infestations the application of a registered insecticide to the underside of the flooring on an annual basis over the 3 year period of the life cycle of the Anobium borer is usually effective.

RIP Termite & Pest Control uses Permethrin insecticide to it’s low toxicity profile and it’s ability to penetrate into the timber grain – Permethrin is a based on the natural of the pyrethrum plant – used to eradicate the adult beetle as it emerges from inside the timber.

Anobium borer infected furniture should be fumigated in a special fumigation chamber. The fumigation gas used will penetrate the timber and remove all insect life therein. The cost of such fumigation is fairly inexpensive provided a fumigation chamber is near you, as the delivery costs are separate and usually paid for and organized by the furniture owner.

Borers holes found in living trees, fresh logs, moist timbers (not in a building) can be injected with an insecticide specifically registered for this purpose. Lyctus borers eat the sapwood portion of hardwood timbers which are often used as framing timbers in a building or for rustic style furniture. The Lyctus borer is also called the Powder Post Beetle or Lyctus brunneus.

Generally, the damage from lyctus borers to structural timbers of a building should not be structurally significant. Hardwood furniture can be fumigated using methyl bromide at a fumigation chamber

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Lyctus borers

The cost for Professional Pest Control for Borers

The cost for professional pest control of borers, using professional strength low hazard (non-solvent based) insecticides registered for borer eradication, will depend on borer species, the size of property, the extent of infestation and the ease of access. Service warranty period may vary due to borer pest species, the severity of the infestation and the environmental factors that may promote re-infestation. We recommend annual treatment over the 3 year life cycle of anobium borers. Please call RIP Termite & Pest Control on 1300 371 708 for a FREE quotation.

Consumer Protection Advice – Pesticide Safety Issues

Pesticide safety be wary of very cheap prices for borer control – check which pesticides are to be used. The far cheaper, less effective, solvent based pesticides can be harmful in premises where occupants may suffer from asthmatic or other bronchial ailments.

Be careful when selecting a pest controller, make sure they have the experience and the knowledge of borers and borer control pesticides.