Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs There are many myths about how you get bed bugs in the home: that an unclean, filthy house attracts them, or that well-off people don’t get them, but the reality is that they do not discriminate between rich or poor, clean or dirty. They feed off blood – human or animal – and…
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Bee Swarms - Pest Control Methods Bees are venomous, sometimes even deadly, especially when they swarm. Bees swarms can be a serious problem during summer. Often honey bees swarm to establish a new hive inside a wall cavity of a residential or commercial building. A swarm of bees can be extremely aggressive and may attack…
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ANT PEST CONTROL IN MELBOURNE Most ant pest species found in Victoria are advanced social insects, with each insect given an allotted role in the colony: queen, king, worker, or winged reproductive. Ants live in permanent colony nests in a variety of habitats, including in soil and timber, under pavers, inside wall cavities and within…
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