The Ultimate Solution For Termite Control

RIP Termite & Pest Control Services for more than 20 years servicing Melbourne VIC wide.

Fipronil is an insecticide that is widely used by pest controllers, including RIP Termite & Pest Control Services. The chemical is classified as a Schedule 5 CAUTION product by the Australian Government National Registration Authority,...
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Kordon Termite Barrier

Builders Pre-Construction Termite Barrier

    kordon-logo-190pxRIP Termite & Pest Control Services is a licensed installer of KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier .We can also advise builders and their clientele on what is required to protect the property from termites and avoid related legal liabilities. RIP Termite & Pest...
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Altis Reticulation System

altisAltis is a patented Reticulation System designed to effectively treat the area under concrete slabs, for protection against infestation by subterranean termites and around the external perimeter of structures to prevent termites from entering from the outside of a building. The Altis System is unlike any other system,...
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Homeguard Termite Barrier

HomeGuard is a Precision Termite Management System which is a physical and chemical termite barrier in one. It is installed to the foundations of new buildings or extensions to provide a continuous termite barrier, which prevents concealed entry of termites into the building, thereby protecting the asset. The HomeGuard product range is manufactured in Australia...
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