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Termites – Termite Nest – White Ants

© RIP Termite & Pest Control Termites, also known as White Ants are a part of the environment but can cause major damage to timber structures. They normally have pale brown to white bodies and white heads (workers), with a darker head (soldiers) they have no waist between the thorax and abdomen. Preventing Termites A.S.3660 recommends…
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The Ultimate Solution For Termite Control RIP Termite & Pest Control Services for more than 20 years servicing Melbourne VIC wide. Fipronil is an insecticide that is widely used by pest controllers, including RIP Termite & Pest Control Services. The chemical is classified as a Schedule 5 CAUTION product by the Australian Government National Registration…
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Material Safety Data Sheets – SDS MELBOURNE VIC

RIP Termite & Pest Control Services Please click to download: Biflex Aqua Max Bromakil Blocks & Grain Bait Dragnet Powder Homeguard Blue Termite Moisture Barrier Homeguard Collars Homeguard GT Granular Termiticide Kordon TMB & TB Periden Defence Residual Insecticide Phantom Insecticide Termidor Termidor Dust Termidor HE RIP Termite & Pest Control Services carries out termite…
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