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kordon-logo-190pxRIP Termite & Pest Control Services is a licensed installer of KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier .We can also advise builders and their clientele on what is required to protect the property from termites and avoid related legal liabilities. RIP Termite & Pest Control Services uses only the BEST: We consider KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier as the leading termite barrier system for homes and commercial buildings in order to comply with BCA and Council requirements for termite protection. KORDON TMB offers long-term termite protection to new buildings and acts as a moisture vapour barrier if installed under a concrete on ground flooring. KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier can be used in wall cavities, against retaining walls, around plumbing penetrations, infill and raft slabs and other types of constructions to form an impenetrable barrier against subterranean termites. KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier was developed in Australia by Bayer to suit local conditions. KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier has been extensively tested by the CSIRO, ABSAC, BCA and the Australian Pest Control Industry. Manufactured by Bayer to strict standards, the KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier system is universally accepted by councils and meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and AS3660.1 The Termite Protection Standard for New Buildings.

KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier - how it protects a building

kordon-cross-sectionKORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier is made of a geotextile fibrous webbing containing a termiticide chemical (deltamethrin), which is sandwiched between 2 sheets of plastic. Deltamethrin is highly repellant to termites and will remove them on contact. Unlike the alternatives KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier is easy to install. RIP Termite & Pest Control Services has installed KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier in thousands of homes without one single termite problem - it has proven 100% effective in providing a termite barrier in accordance with BCA and local government requirements. KORDON repels or removes termites that attempt to go around or through the KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier in a wall cavity. The chemical contained in the fibrous webbing in the KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier product (deltamethrin) is a highly effective termiticide. For this reason the KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier product is the preferred termite barrier product by leading home and commercial builders and specified by architects in all conditions across Victoria and Australia.

Advantages of the KORDON TMB as a Termite Moisture Barrier

  • Convenience for builders: It’s simple, yet ingenious design is uniquely suited to effective and efficient installation on a building site with minimum disruption and organisation by the head building contractor. The average perimeter installation only takes a few hours and becomes an integral part of the building process.
  • Part A Kordon Termite Treatment Pre-Construction SlabMelbourne VIC, Latrobe Valley VIC, Gippsland VIC and East Gippsland's leading pest control company is RIP Termite & Pest Control.

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    Flexibility of application: KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier is sufficiently flexible to meet even the most difficult and complicated situations, such as, buildings with multiple penetrations or step downs. KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier can be molded around unusual shapes and can quickly be cut and joined to form a continuous barrier.

  • Made Tough for Building Site Conditions: KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier is a robust product. It takes a sharp knife to cut Kordon, a blunt object has little chance of penetrating the product. If a hole is made accidentally, it can be easily repaired.
  • Consistency of Product: Each square metre of KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier contains a consistent rate of 1 gram of deltamethrin. KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier is manufactured to strict quality guidelines and quality control procedures by Bayer Environmental Science.
  • Long Term Warranty: When correctly installed by a Bayer accredited installer, the KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier system provides a 'Life Of The Building' warranty backed by Bayer Environmental Science.
  • Environmentally Safe: Bayer has declared KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier to be harmless to people and allergy free product. KORDON Termite & Moisture Barrier is recommended for primary schools and for aged care buildings. The deltamethrin chemical is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide – meaning it is modeled on the natural extract of the pyrethrum plant.

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