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Certified Pest Control - Pest Treatment - Melbourne VIC

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Pest Control can be a tricky situation to handle, with both commercial and residential structures likely to be attacked by pests.

At RIP Termite & Pest Control Services, we take away the stress and hassle of dealing with pests with our effective and ecologically friendly methods. Our qualified professionals are here to make home ownership and building maintenance easier and more manageable. When you are faced with pest problems at home or at your workplace, just give us a call 1300 371 708 and we will do our BEST to help you eliminate the problem as soon as possible.


The Australian Environmental Pest Management Association (AEPMA) has a certification program that will give peace of mind to customers seeking this type of service for their residence or business. While it is possible to deal with pests on your own, we recommend engaging in professional services, as many pesticides are highly toxic and can be lethal to your family and pets. We have the experience and methods to handle hazardous materials safely, so we suggest leaving it to the professionals.

By incorporating Integrated Pest Management Control (IPMC) systems, a series of methods for pest control are put into action to ensure a healthy approach for the environment and other life forms in the ecological system. There are four basic principles to IPMC: setting action thresholds, monitoring and identifying pests, pest prevention, and pest control.

Here’s a brief outline of each:

Action Thresholds: The action threshold is where we determine the severity of your pest situation. We inspect the property and assess if it is at the point where the pest population is high enough to warrant intervention and control methods.

Monitoring and Identifying Pests: The purpose of this step is to ensure that the proper pesticide or method of control is used. Proper identification of creatures means that only harmful and unessential pests are controlled.

Pest Prevention: Prevention is the first line of defence in pest control. You will save valuable time and money by taking preliminary steps to keep pests from entering the controlled area. The use of preventative measures will be dependent upon the type of pest being dealt with and the environment surrounding that pest.

Pest Control Treatment: Treatment may include hygiene and elimination services, the use of traps or other devices to catch or stop pests from entering, to eliminate pests and prevent their reappearance. Treatment may also involve the use of pesti­cides. The pesticide chosen must be ap­propriate for the pest situation at hand.


Control of pests incorporates the above four factors so that when control measures are taken, there is consistency in execution. Less invasive measures will be acted on first, such as chemical use and pest trapping. If these approaches are unsuccessful, more aggressive measures will be taken to eliminate the problem. Remember, cheap pest control is not always the safest option!

Although IPMC systems were originally conceived for agricultural use, they have been proven to be practical for commercial and residential premises as well. Our technicians have been specially trained to know and understand the principles of pest management.

Not treating a pest problem properly could lead to serious damage to your property. For a reasonable price, the concern of handling unwanted pests can be left to us. We will make sure that your home or workplace is SAFE and FREE of Termites and other pests.

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