Pest Inspections


Pest Inspections

Bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, flies, ticks, fleas and rats, there are so many pests that can invade our homes and make our lives a living nightmare. Many homeowners get quite the scare when they realise that they have any of these unwanted guests. By the time pests announce their presence they would have possibly established hideouts in several areas of the home and started a large family.

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Detecting Pests in the Home

Pests such as rats and cockroaches can be quite clever in keeping their presence a secret. They stash themselves away in drawers and other areas that are rarely used, plus live in little crevices and corners that you would not get to unless you decided to do some spring cleaning. They may leave droppings in the areas that they visit such as when they go rummaging through your kitchen for food, but tracing them to their hideouts can be quite a task.

Setting traps may work to catch a few of the bad guys, but the most effective strategy lies in finding out where their made their home, what attracted them to your home in the first place and what is keeping them there. Pest eradication is a time consuming and tricky business that requires the expertise of a professional.

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Pest control professionals are trained to identify pest and treat risk areas in the home. The first measure is for them to do a thorough inspection, identify the pest, evaluate the likely reasons for the pest infestation, implement a suitable eradication program and then work along with you to monitor the process until your home is pest free.

Pest Inspection Guidelines

Pest control requires strategic management from the point of identifying their presence in the home to determining which pest is really there, to hiring a licensed professional and the applying the appropriate eradication process.

Identifying the Pest

Once you have determined that pest may be present in your home, call in the experts. They will inspect and determine the exact type of pest, and they are also well trained and better equipped to identify the pest hideouts and apply the correct treatment.

Hire a Licensed Professional

Pest control and eradication involves the use of some very toxic chemicals. Extreme care must be taken when using these chemicals in the home, and especially so when children and pets are a part of the household. Treating pest such as bedbugs, fleas and ticks will leave traces of these chemicals behind. An expert will be able to apply the chemicals in the right quantities, and say exactly when it is safe to occupy the home again or use the treated areas.

Carry out a Termite Inspection before Purchasing a Home

No one wants to purchase a home only to find shortly afterward that there is a termite or pest problem. You would be left to foot the cost of termite treatment plus any followup repairs. If the pest is identified during pre-purchase inspection the seller would have to bear those costs.

Routine pest inspection can save you the hassle of having to deal with wide scale pest infestation in the home. A Building Pest Inspection allows for Early detection and eradication saving you thousands in future repairs and heartache.

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