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Rodents such as Rats are some really unhygienic pests that creep and crawl anywhere then enter your home where they deposit the germs they picked up those laces. Rodent control starts with prevention, but if they do find their way into your home then it becomes necessary for you to first identify the rodent then treat the infestation. Rodent Control should be assessed by RIP Termite & Pest Control Services.

Cause for Concern

Rodents pose a serious threat to public health and safety because of the diseases they spread. Imagine them gaining access to your home and food supply. Not only do they leave germs on surfaces in the home but once they get into your food then chances are you and your family will be ingesting that germ as well. Rodents are also of major concern when it comes to properties. Once rodents move into a property they can cause significant damage. They gnaw away at woody areas to make their home and electrical wiring which can cause fires.

Rodent Control Tips and Strategic Management

Pest control can only be effective if the pest controller has sufficient knowledge about the pest, its environs and its habits. The chemicals and other items such as rat poison blocks used to treat rodents are called rodenticides. Here are a few tips and strategies for controlling rodents in the home.

Prevent Rodent Infestation

The popular saying “prevention is better than cure” really is true when it comes to rodents in the home. In order to prevent common rodents such as rats and mice from entering the home, care should be taken to properly seal all holes and crevices both inside and around the home where the creatures can enter or make their home. Check your walls, floor and foundation for holes and cracks. If any are found, seal them with cement or metal. Other areas to check include plumbing, gas lines leading to ovens, drainage pipes, spaces in the ceiling, as well as under windows and doors.

Know What You are Dealing With

Once the presence of rodents is detected in the home the primary approach to controlling them is to first of all find out which species you will be contending with in the home. There is NO one-method-takes-care-of-it all solution when it comes to rodent control. If the intruder is a rat, you will need to educate yourself about this rodent and its habit.

Know Your Home

Knowing your home inside out will help you to more readily identify the most likely areas that the particular rodent might choose to make its habitat. Rats, for example, will most likely target areas such as drawers that are not used regularly, corners and crevices where fabric and wood based items may be kept and anywhere where there is wood and piles of garbage/debris. If you think of it this really means they have many places around the home that they can turn into their own home. Being aware of these areas in each room will allow you to do a more thorough assessment. Rat removal and vermin control can be a tedious task. Its always best to seek a professionals advice.

Rodent control requires a vigilant approach. There is no alarm system to detect rodents in the home and there is no warning when they enter, so it is best to develop and use a rodent control program that allows for continuous assessment.

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