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Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Pest Controller

No matter what pest infestation you are suffering from, hiring a pest controller is essential to control the situation. Though you may find it cheaper to try getting rid of the pests on your own, pest controllers are not only trained professionals, but also know which pesticides to use to eliminate the pests. However with so many pest control companies to choose from, here are some tips for choosing the best and right company to eliminate your infestation.

  1. Don’t hire the first pest controller you find. Collect Quotes from at least three professionals to not only compare them, but also for a better understanding of the available options for solving your pest control problem.
  2. Before the pest controller comes to your house, list out all details so that they can make a better assessment to provide an accurate quote. Examples of details to list out are the number of rooms to be treated and the rooms’ points of entry.
  3. In case you hire pest controllers who handle various pest problems, find out their level of experience in handling each pest. This is essential as pests like cockroaches and ants are treated differently from wasps and bees.
  4. Similarly, get references from past customers as it proves the pest controller's efficiency and professionalism in treating specific pest issues.
  5. It is important that the pest control company that you choose has liability insurance. This insurance provides coverage for any damages to your home or injuries to the technician while they treat your pest problem. Most companies do have insurance; but for your safety, it’s always better to check and confirm.
  6. Similarly, the pest controller you hire should be licensed. So check their licensing information through the Health Department.
  7. Once you choose the right pest controller, make sure you get the plan of action in writing. The plan should include a description of how the pest controllers plan to treat the issue, their rates, information about the chemicals and products they plan to use and its’ potential risks.

Last, but not least, most pest control companies provide a guarantee. This guarantee ensures that the pest controller will come back and re-treat the area for free, if required. As different companies offer different contracts and guarantees with different coverage and length of coverage, go through them to find out which company provides the best service for your money. Though these guarantees may be expensive, they prove worthwhile in the long run.

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The author is a professional pest controller with over 20 years experience who knows how to care of, treat, control and prevent any pest infestation.

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RIP Termite & Pest Control Services has been in business striving to be the best pest controller’s for a multitude of pest situations. Many Australians like you, live in an area where there are gum trees, so it is recommended that you have a yearly inspections of your surrounding grounds. This will determine if there is a Termite / White Ant problem to be handled by experienced skilled professionals. You will know, as soon as you talk to the office manager that there is not one program for every situation. Specific pest control programs are custom designed for nursing homes, day care centers, hospitals and any other industrial situation. Individuals who have pest control problems in their home or garden can heavily rely on the advice of RIP Termite & Pest Control Services as well. Experienced pest controllers are necessary to protect your health and your property. Solid structures can be made unsafe and unhealthy by numerous kinds of TERMITES / WHITE ANTS, RODENTS, COCKROACHES.
You now know that RIP Termite & Pest Control Services are fully insured, public liability covered, professional indemnity covered, worker’s compensation insured, pest controller’s. Furthermore, as you continue your research you will determine that TERMIDOR & TERMIDOR HE are an extremely effective product that RIP Termite & Pest Control Services readily uses with tremendous success. It is an application that is being offered by RIP Termite & Pest Control Services which is the first company to offer you an 8 YEAR WRITTEN WARRANTY and a $2 MILLION ASSURANCE WARRANTY on full termite / white ant treatments to their customers.


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