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Fipronil is an insecticide that is widely used by pest controllers, including RIP Termite & Pest Control Services. The chemical is classified as a Schedule 5 CAUTION product by the Australian Government National Registration Authority, which means it is of low hazard to humans, dogs and cats. The Frontline brand of flea / tick control products, so widely used for cats and dogs in Australia and the USA, contains Fipronil. In the fight against pest infestation, we use the highly effective Termidor Fipronil, registered and approved by the USA Environment Protection Agency and Australian Government authorities for use in a range of pest control products.

World leading termite control product… extensively tested

Before Termidor was made available for use in the USA it was subject to some of the toughest tests in history. The USA Forest Service has, for the last ten years, conducted Termidor ground board and concrete slab trails in four US states involving a variety of climate, soil types and environmental situations. Under heavy activity at every location, the insecticide provided 100% effective termite protection… and is still going strong after 10 years.

Scientists from Aventis, the world’s largest environmental science company, claim to have proven that transfer of Fipronil between termites does occur, based upon research using C14 radio-labelled Fipronil on live termites.

Comprehensive testing by the US Dept of Agriculture – Forestry Service at various sites around the USA, as well as other University field trials in homes across the US concluded that the transfer effect occurs. In some cited cases, a Termidor treated soil barrier was applied which resulted in termites found in nearby areas that weren’t as treated, areas such as trees and/or buildings, also being eliminated.

Providing long-term, on-going elimination

As with any termite control program, your property always remains susceptible to future attack from new termite colonies or other established colonies in your area.

The good news for the home owner is that the Termidor Fipronil soil treatment chemical will remain in place for many years, even after the existing attack on your property has been eliminated.

RIP Termite & Pest Control Services strongly recommends the following actions:

  • DO NOT disturb any termite activity or workings
  • Inform neighbours there are termites in the area
  • Must use Termidor chemical residual termiticide
  • Call the renowned insecticide manufacturer BASF direct on 1800 006 393 or State Manager Leigh Pronk on 0418 352 642 for recommendation
  • RIP Termite & Pest Control Services offers an 8 YEAR WRITTEN WARRANTY and a $2 MILLION ASSURANCE WARRANTY on all full Termidor & Termidor HE treatments
  • Pest control company to be a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) Phone 1300 307 114 or www.aepma.com.au
  • Ensure company is fully insured. RIP Termite & Pest Control Services is insured with Rapid Solutions Phone 1300 309 169.
  • Confirm technician has a minimum of 6 years experienced and is fully licensed by the Health Department.

The ultimate termite control product

img1Termidor is a “SILVER BULLET” for termite control and protection of buildings and other structures.

Containing the chemical FIPRONIL, it was approved for use in November 2002 by the relevant Australian Government authority for termite control applications (as part of a treated soil barrier) under and around buildings, fences, stumps and posts.

Termidor has been used in more than 900,000 homes in the USA. The US Dept of Agriculture – Forestry Service has tested the chemical over the last ten years. So far, results show 100% effective termite barrier protection.

The product has enjoyed positive reviews from a wide cross section of the pest control industry in Australia and the US. This is due to its successful use as part of an effective treated soil barrier, as well as the delayed lethal effect that kicks in after being transferred by the termite back to its colony nest to eliminate the other termites therein.

Extensive testing of Termidor by BASF Australia and local pest controllers has indicated excellent results against Australian termites.

Unlike any other termite control product

Termidor-Warranty-LogoA highly unique aspect of Termidor is that termites foraging in a soil barrier treated with the product will transfer the Fipronil chemical contained in it back to their central colony nest to eliminate termites therein. This is a major innovation in termite control technology available in Australia.

It works quite differently from other termiticide active ingredients. Most other termiticides are repellents, which mean they keep termites away from treated area, rather than removing them. This means a gap in the barrier is more easily detected by the termites, a major short-coming of the old fashioned termite control alternatives.

A complete Termidor treated soil barrier is designed to stop termite entry into buildings or structures. Dursban (Chlorpyrifos), Biflex (Bifenthrin) and Premise (Imidacloprid) are also registered for this treated soil barrier purpose.

The product proves to be lethal to termites either when they ingest it or they contract the Fipronil chemical as they tunnel through the treated soil barrier. Termites ingesting the chemical will die within a few days…. enough time to transport the Fipronil back to the central colony.

After 250 million years of living underground, subterranean termites have evolved with a very thin waxy skin (called an exoskeleton) that readily absorbs moisture. The Fipronil chemical adheres to a termite’s exoskeleton and into its body to immobilise and remove it within a few days.

The termites spread the Fipronil to other termites during regular physical contact, particularly when working together in close proximity, grooming and feeding the rest of the colony, a regular function of their daily life. The termites cannot detect the Fipronil as it has no odour, taste or smell to the termites. They will carry away or cannibalise other dead termites, further spreading the deadly effect of the Fipronil chemical throughout the colony.

The delayed accumulative lethal effect of Fipronil represents a new style of termite control technology…. the termite colony’s Trojan horse carrying a silver bullet…. in effect!!!

If you have termites in your property, you should discuss the problem with the neighbours; obviously, several homes close-by with a Termidor Fipronil soil barrier will greatly increase the chances of colony elimination. Destructive subterranean termites have a foraging range of more than a 200 metre radius from the colony nest. A large nest may contain over a million termites.

A Termidor treated soil barrier under and around a building that is experiencing moderate to low termite infestation can have devastating results for termites within a few months. For your peace of mind, in the meantime, it immediately protects the building from termite entry. The barrier should also provide effective termite control capabilities for 8 years, assuming it is correctly applied at the rate required by the registered label. Alternative termite baiting systems cannot provide such positive assurances and immediate protection to the building.

The product is more expensive than alternative treatments, so beware of ‘dodgy’ companies who under dose the required application rate in order to cut costs, which will lower the level of protection necessary. It comes at a premium price due to the large-scale research, development and efficiency testing costs in bringing it to the market place. The cost of a Termidor termite control program will depend on the size and design of the subject building, the extent of the infestation, the risk of further attack and on-going termite activity and other environmental factors.

For when safety is paramount

Safety wise, Termidor is applied to the soil areas abutting a building, and is of low hazard to people and pets. Unlike some alternatives, the product is odourless, and does not contain solvents or any substances that may lead to indoor air contamination.

For the environmentally conscious, it will not harm soil micro-organisms, earthworms or plants. Nor will rainfall or irrigation cause it to leach through the soil.

The first step in a termite control program is assess the level of infestation and the extent of the threat to your property and recommend exactly where the soil barrier treatment should be applied.

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