Understanding The Termite Life-Cycle Helps With Termite Control and Treatment

Understanding The Termite Life-Cycle Helps With Termite Control and Treatment


Everyone’s happier when spring comes and the weather warms. Flowers bloom – and termites swarm!

Termites might not be what ‘springs’ to mind at this time of the year, although some think it’s the only time these insects are a problem as this is when they’re highly active. This isn’t quite true, however, as they can remain active throughout the year. But spring is when they swarm – and by recognising the signs of their existence from this pest you can have a head start on termite inspection and termite control methods.

The ‘swarm’ is the reproductive part of this insects lifecycle. A colony won’t start producing reproductives (new kings and queens) until its well-established – say four or five years. Reproductives are born with two sets of wings, and when it’s warm enough workers will cut slits at the highest point of the “nest”. These are guarded by soldiers until the time comes for the reproductive to launch out into the world.

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Once they’re out of home, the female reproductives release pheromones to entice the males. When a pair finds each other, they “settle down” by breaking off their wings to symbolise their partnership. They then set off to locate a new nest where they can mate and crown themselves king and queen of a new colony.

Many of these reproductives don’t make it very far. They’re not very strong fliers, unable to travel further than 100 or 200 metres without help from the wind. A vast number of them are snapped up by predators. But it only takes one successful pair to cause a potential termite infestation at your property.

A swarm around your home or premises is an obvious danger sign that there may be an established colony close to you, and that termite treatment might be necessary. There are also other signs of these unwelcome visitors to look out for: little piles of shed wings in and around your home which look like fish scales. You should also be aware of “mud tubes” on exterior walls, wooden beams, concrete stumps and by your building’s foundations. These are brown, dry and shaped like cylinders, and are made by subterranean termites to enter your home as they can’t travel above-ground. Lastly, wood that sounds hollow when tapped may show signs of serious damage.

If you have seen swarms by your home or other signs of their presence, don’t hesitate to get a professionally-conducted termite inspection – it’s best to locate these pests and implement termite treatment and control as soon as possible.

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